1950s ClothingHula hoops, Silly Putty, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog”, “The Honeymooners”, “Howdy Doody”…

If you’re old enough to remember these,then you probably have personal knowledge of the 1950’s. If you’re too young to have been there, then no doubt you’ve heard of it.

1950’s clothing for Halloween – or just for kicks – is a great look that will set you apart from the crowd.

The 1950’s was the decade when the world broke free from the nastiness of the Great Depression and the Second World War, and finally started to cut loose and have some fun!

Forget about the Cold War and warm up to these great looks.

Poodle Skirt Costume

Poodle Skirt Outfit

You’ll be a hit at the hop in this cool poodle skirt outfit.

Preps and greasers alike are sure to “go ape”!

We’ve searched all over for authentic Poodle Skirt costumes that are quality-crafted and affordably priced.

We’re proud to present these top-of-the-line complete poodle skirt outfits – with everything you need for fifties parties, class reunions, or Halloween fun!

The Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit includes: A black skirt and blouse with a pink poodle, a pink crinoline*, a pink cinch belt, a pink chiffon scarf, pink bobby socks with an attached poodle emblem, and pink cats-eye glasses.

  • Available in Adult Sizes: X-Small/Small and Medium/Large. Poodle skirts & crinolines are a one-size-fits-most and feature an elastic waist. They stretch from 22″ to 52″ in the waist and are 27″ in length. Size chart below lists blouse measurements.
  • Includes: Skirt, Blouse, Crinoline, Belt, Scarf, Socks, Glasses.
  • Complete your fifties transformation with a bowling bag purse, retro style wig, and saddle shoes (all sold separately).
  • Made from comfortable, and easy to care for, poly/cotton broadcloth. Hand-embroidered 8″ chenille walking poodle patch & leash.
  • Also look for the Complete Poodle Skirt Outfit in Pink & White, Red & White, and Turquoise & White.
  • Plus sizes are also available (sold separately).
  • Fire up your hotrod, pick up your favorite gal, and plan a sockhop that will make your guests go ape! We have a large selection of costumes and party supplies to get that jukebox rockin’ around the clock!
  • *Please Note: Due to a misprint by the manufacturer, the size tag on the crinoline under skirt is incorrectly marked as “M”. Crinoline under skirts only come in one size fits most, and are a generous size. No other size is available.
Housewife 50's Dress

50's Housewife Look

If the sock hop isn’t your style, why not identify with the older crowd. This colorful housewife 50’s dress will make you the center of attention at the canasta game.

Donna Reed’s got nothing on you!

Miss the days when ladies lunched?  The 50’s Housewife costume includes: A red and white polka-dot dress featuring satin cuffs and collar, lace trim, and red button details. A black belt with a silver buckle and a crinoline are also included in this retro-inspired design!

  • Available in One Size Fits Most Adults.
  • Includes: Dress, Belt/Buckle, Crinoline.
  • Gloves, Shoes, and Wig are not included.
  • Don’t be cruel! Pair with the Vintage Dad Adult Costume and bring the 50’s to life this Halloween.

If you identify more with the working girl of the 1950’s, then this car hop girl costume will be your Atomic Passion!

Car hop girl costume

Car hop girl costume

Back to the days of drive-in’s not drive-thrus.

Cozy on up to a stool at “Junior’s Diner”! This classic diner diva is serving all of your favorites while you rock around the clock to the tunes blaring on the jukebox. Car Hop Girl is taking orders for Johnny ’s hamburger and serving it up hot in a one-piece retro inspired car hop girl costume.

A black collared top with “Junior’s Diner” logo screen-print (both front and back), a turquoise skirt with contrast trim, an attached apron, and a matching hat are all included to complete this cruise night cutie’s “uniform”.

  • Available in Adult Size: Standard (Please Note: This costume is running small. Size is closer to a “Medium”).
  • Includes: Dress/Apron, Hat.
  • Tray and Glass are not included.
  • Socks are sold separately.
  • Shoes are not included. Our Sexy Saddle Shoes are a perfect fit for a fifties feel and are a must-have accessory for any Earth angel!
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Fire up your hotrod, pick up your favorite gal, and plan a sockhop that will make your guests go ape! We have a large selection of costumes and party supplies to get that jukebox rockin’ around the clock!
  • Don’t be cruel! Pair with your favorite Greaser and he just may ask you to go steady.
  • Also available in Child sizes.
Children's car hop girl costume

Car Hop Child Costume

Let’s not forget the kids!  Make the Halloween scene as a 50’s family with these incredibly cute outfits.

Child's Sock Hop Costume

Sock Hop Child Costume

This children’s car hop girl costume will whet everyone’s appetite, and this child sock hop outfit will melt their hearts.

She’s the hippest waitress at the hottest diner! Car Hop Girl costume includes: cap, dress and apron. ‘Junior’s Diner’ logo is printed on the front and back of the blouse. Serve up some retro fun!

Take a trendy trip to the fabulous fifties in this cute children’s car hop costume which includes: A cardigan dress featuring with polka dot skirt, attached faux rhinestone belt, musical note appliqués and a faux rhinestone poodle adornment. A matching scrunchie and neck scarf are also included in this sweet sock hop style.

Not everyone was innocent back in the 50’s. If you want to check out working class outfits go to: Greaser Costumes. Click here for celebrity 50’s costume ideas.

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And here’s a great video for some super tips for women’s 50’s costumes: